Radial De-Centering Error
Radial Clearence (Lens-Cell) (mm)
Center Thickness of the Lens (mm)
Radius of the Surface Against Seat (mm)
Lens Diameter (mm)
De centering Error ==>

Prism Bonding
Prism Weigth (mm)
Acceleration of the Prism
Safety Factor
Shear Strength of the Adhesive
Minimum Bonded Area ==>

Thicness Of Elastometer
Lens Outer Dia (mm)
Lens TCE * 10^-6(K-1)
Cell TCE * 10^-6(K-1)
Elastometer TCE * 10^-6(K-1)
Poissons’s Ratio of the Elastometer
Optimum Elastometer Thickness(mm) (Bezooijen Eq.) ==>
Bayer’s Eq.(Athermal Bond Thick) (mm) ==>
Muench’s Eq. (Athermal Bond Thick) (mm) ==>
Tempature Change (K)
Required Clearence for the Lens not to Touch the Cell (mm)